by Margit Anderson on January 7, 2014

I was talking to a client today about her resistance to making what appeared to be a very positive change in her life. The truth is …all of us usually resist uncertainty in life.


Because our fear takes over.

We want to be in control of our life.

So we seem to put on a pair of “glasses” that limit our vision and we see very few options… and usually with a negative tint.

Trust! Believe!

Embrace the uncertainty and wake up each morning excited to see what life experiences will come our way.

The glasses you choose to wear…make all the difference.



The Journey

by Margit Anderson on December 3, 2013

open to the journey without expectation

knowing all will be given

open to the letting go

fearing nothing

knowing all will be released

embrace the new

and honor the old

as the world continues to turn


breathe in the sun

and swallow the moon

dance with the stars in heaven

for each world and every dimension

joins you in your ascension

breathing all forces into your heart

and whispering dreams of encouragement



Positive Lifestyle Changes = Happiness

November 23, 2013

While external conditions like your environment and a job can impact how happy or sad you are, finally it’s your response to your conditions and feelings of connection to others in your relationships that are the real sources of happiness. Include a regular exercise routine, a spiritual practice, and a healthy and nutritious diet, and […]

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Beautiful Moon Moment

October 8, 2013

Beautiful moon moment (-:  I’ve been a “Moon Gazer” for as long as I can remember. It holds a special attraction for me. I love the night sky. Sometimes as I walk our dog Dylan early in the morning the moon is still up and very visible…such as a couple of days ago.  Every few […]

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