“I found a new perspective I wouldn’t have reached on my own.”

I recently engaged Margit Anderson for professional life coaching sessions… via face to face and by phone. I was specifically seeking guidance with a business situation that was affecting my personal life. At the beginning of each session she encouraged me to clearly identify and assess the issue and assist me to determine alternative solutions.

I found her approach extremely nurturing and insightful. She carefully guided me by suggesting various approaches until we found one I was comfortable with and ultimately helped me to move towards what I truly wanted to do. Her guidance was supportive and non-judgmental, in particular, I appreciated the fact that she let me know she would support the final decision I made when others might not. During each visit she also provided me with suggestions for personal development materials to support what we discussed.

I feel much better now and have a new found perspective that I believe I wouldn’t have reached on my own. Margit is an extremely responsible, caring, and conscientious practitioner. She provided me with the necessary tools and encouragement to achieve my goals. Margit is an effective communicator and sounding board as well as a source of support and inspiration.

– Mary Elizabeth Roarke, RN, BSN, Blue Point, NY

“I’ve embarked on a personal commitment to transformation.”

I have been speaking with Margit on a weekly basis for over one year now. Her service has been so valuable to me. The last year of my life has taken many twists and turns but thanks to Margit’s guidance I’ve embarked on a personal commitment to “transformation” essentially working to become who I’m meant to be. The process involved self-awareness along with self-care since “peeling the onion” can be a painful process. For me this involved a review of my marriage; family relationships and my children’s addiction. I opted for a path of “tough love”. The decision was a difficult one but Margit recognized and optimized my core strengths. Without her support and encouragement I would not have had the strength to continue on this journey. I would highly recommend her.

She took an active and hands-on approach by working with me in key areas of my life not only through our weekly telephone sessions but through “homework” assignments such as journaling, goal-setting and selected readings. Each week we would reassess my progress. Her insight and understanding is like no other person I have ever worked with. I’ve started to abandon detrimental habits and am now hopeful about the future.

– Mary Elizabeth Roarke, RN, BSN, Blue Point, NY

“I always felt supported and guided.”

“I started seeing Margit as my Recovery Coach shortly after I slipped after having been clean for several months. She helped me to stay on track and remain accountable for my recovery. What I appreciated most was Margit’s way of always making me feel worthy… and celebrating all that was good in me. I felt supported and guided and knew that she was committed to my success.”

– Helen Carroll, Millwood, NY

Testimonials from Heal Your Life Workshops

“An amazing workshop leader! Margit taught the material in a tender and compassionate way. She immediately put me at ease to discuss an issue that was a challenge for me. You cannot only see, but feel how committed Margit is to personal and spiritual growth. Margit is a wonderful guide on this journey.

– Rachel G., Houston TX

“Margit’s workshop helped me explore a very difficult subject in a safe and loving space. Her insight and genuine belief in the process, gave me a new way to look at myself and all that is available to me. I loved how she taught me how to manifest everything I could ever want in my life. Thank you.”

– Billie N., Groton, NY

“Margit is full of life, energetic, and a powerful workshop leader. I felt the energy of abundance… in her workshop on prosperity. I appreciate her sincerity. It helped me work with my limiting beliefs. Thank you Margit.”

– Vaishali N., Mumbai, India

“Margit’s workshop was amazing and inspirational. I learned new and wonderful ideas that have helped me make positive changes in my life. Her presentation style is warm, caring, and well organized. Thank you for a truly transformative experience.”

– Doyle W., Houston, TX

“This course changed my life. It helped me to see and believe things I would have never imagined. It was so eye opening; I learned so much and made so many positive changes. Margit is a great facilitator and teacher and I really enjoyed her classes. I made some beautiful friends. Super classes! Thank you.”

– Sandee Jemtrud, Englewood, FL

“Margit made us feel so safe and comfortable as we learned and opened up and there was sharing without judgment. I want to keep changing for the positive and I always came out of these classes feeling uplifted and knowing I can do it. I loved the handouts Margit created. They were so beautiful and uplifting and the information is priceless. The tools we learned are ones we can use in everyday life – both in easy and hard times.”

– Julie M., Nokomis, FL

“I have been incorporating the philosophies of Louise Hay into my life for many years… and I was amazed at how much I could still learn about myself to further improve my life. Margit was brilliant and shines as a workshop facilitator. She is very nurturing and made each of us feel special with her sensitivity in relating to each of us at whatever point we were at on our journey of personal development. Life is about change, about growth, and we never stop learning. I would highly recommend Margit’s workshops and courses at any crossroad of your path; you’ll be grateful for this opportunity to raise yourself to an even higher sense of awareness.”

– Cheryl Henderson, Northport, FL

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